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Our class schedule consists almost entirely of either Small Group Training, or Large Group Training - because we know working out together works so much better!

All our classes are delivered by our team of expert coaches, so you'll be supported every step of the way!



The upside of having a Personal Trainer is that it nearly always leads to both faster and longer lasting results, increased and prolonged motivation and a vastly shorter journey from where you start to where you want to be.

The job of a Personal Trainer is to make all of the big decisions for you - like what plan, what exercises, how you should be doing each one, how much you should be doing outside of the gym and how you should be eating to achieve your goals.

The downside is largely that it costs upwards of £40 per session to find a good one - making it financially a stretch for most.

A little secret though is that unless you are carrying severe injuries - most people don’t actually need 1-1 Personal Training!

We deliver something that gives all of the benefits of having a 1-1 Personal Trainer but with the added benefits of paying less, and enjoying your journey with people on a similar path.

You get your own plan,

You get your own exercises,

Everything we do in a session is adjusted to you,

You simply share the session time with 3 other people.


Our Group Training Programme carries all of the same training principles as our Small Group Training, meaning you get our highly effective training programme but delivered in a larger group setting.

Our Group Training service accommodates up to 12 people training together in sessions delivered by our specialist training team

We work hard to ensure that these groups still carry high levels of personalisation which means even in a group setting we are accommodating your personal goals and abilities.

Due to the larger group, we do suggest that people who are very new to exercise should start off in our Smaller Group Training so that you have more hands-on support and tuition before joining the larger group.

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Bristol Road, Paulton England BS39 7NX

07775 983186

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